Welcome to the Creepy Orphan Society

This Group is all about creating Creepy Orphans in the form of an Art Doll, Mixed Media or an Art Journal.
Whether it be a head on a bottle, candlestick, air dry clay, polymer clay, skulls, wire armature, or using an old book, etc...this Group is all about having fun with each other, learning, growing, and creating amazing pieces in the forum of Creepy.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wishing you all...A Very Scerry Christmas!!..;-D

Ha, ha..just a playful, play-on-words!..With all seriousness, wishing all my friends a Blessed Christmas Season and a prosperous New Year filled with inspiration and fun!;-)

Monday, December 6, 2010

OK here is Trish she is a "Normal" kid
who likes OK loves the kids at CKO House.

She is the sweetest doll I have ever made.
She will have real wool hair in each pigtail.

Growing up I was always a outsider like the cko kids, and in Miss Nangle's
third grade I met Tricia Collins and she was bff all through school and through
2 children. She was the normal kid who kept me grounded and made me feel
good about myself. She was normal, parents, house, siblings, clothes, smart, etc...And she was my friend

So making this doll came easy I just thought about Tricia and growing up
with a great friend. I did stupid stuff but always thought about it before I did
something because of her. She was the voice of reason in a world of chaos for me.

Thank you Tricia you may not of thought of it as anything that big of a deal
but it was for me and always stuck with me too.