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This Group is all about creating Creepy Orphans in the form of an Art Doll, Mixed Media or an Art Journal.
Whether it be a head on a bottle, candlestick, air dry clay, polymer clay, skulls, wire armature, or using an old book, etc...this Group is all about having fun with each other, learning, growing, and creating amazing pieces in the forum of Creepy.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

November/December Challenge-Creepy Orphan Tree

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Well, I know our next challenge isn't due until December 31, 2010...but since my schedule is going to be absolutely nuts, I wanted to make sure I got my challenge piece done. So...Here it is!

The Creepy Orphan Society-Challenge- Creepy Orphan Tree, The Keeper of SOULS by the CROW!

She is a Mixed Media Piece. I used an old cigar box and turn it into her tree. I used air dry clay for the molds of souls hanging on the tree. I sculpted the tree out of floral wire and attached it to the cigar box. The Keeper is made out of an old barbie doll body, floral tape, air dry clay and I hand stitched her Tibetan Lamb Hair into a wig.  Lots of mixed media techniques created the inside of the cigar box. 
Until Next Time...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another Creepy Art Piece

Hello my creepy Orphans, I wanted to share a project that I just finished.  This is a birthday present for a friend.  So, I am posting here first and not my blog yet.  I don't want him to see it before he receives it.  This is Death wears Horns, my friend loves skeleton themed art.  So, I dreamed up this fun guy for him.  He is a paper clay skull and poly clay hands over a wire and wood armature.  His cloak and covering are decorative papers  and he has a netting called appropriately "Creepy Cloth" for his shroud like drape.  He carries his coat of arms around with him so there is no mistake of what he is all about.

This is a closer view of his face and upper body.  Anyway, this is the last of my skull heads I had made earlier this year.  So, I am off to try and get other projects done for fall shows and my holiday studio open house.  Hope you all are having a creepy fun Halloween month.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Artspell Workshop Coming Soon!

I am proud to announce that one of our Creepy Orphan Society Members is starting a new and amazing workshop entitled "ARTSPELL the ALCHEMY of M.E."

Click HERE to SIGN-UP!
I am really looking forward to this workshop and working with Cody!
Congrats CODY! I'm so proud of you!

Here's My October Challenge

Hi There Creepy Orphans, I wanted to share my newly finished Morbid Curiosity challenge.  He is the Great horned Boney Bird.  He's a scavenger that collects bones to make very curious shrines.  He is a poly clay head and hands on a wire and wood armature.  I used batting and fabric strips to build up his body.  Then I covered that with a black decorative paper.  He was then adorned with some black netting and pink faux fur to complete his creepy look.

This is the full figure.  I used a fantail willow branch for his tail.

Here is a closer view of his upper body.  Thanks for this unusual challenge.  It took me quite some time to actually come up with this guy.  I am just not used to thinking in a creepy mode.  Until next time.

Cody Goodin

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Creepy orphan bust

CREEPY ORPHAN SOCIETY BUST...In memory of dear orphan Thea' who spent her childhood years as a permanent resident of the creepy orphan society and later caretaker for the other pitiful souls who due to "behavior" problems were not adoptable...may this bust of her severed head serve as a reminder of her years of dedicated service...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Altered Book

Can you judge a book by it's cover?

Using the key to unlock the chain and inside this altered book you'll find a "captured" demented witch.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I've been in the basement of the The CKO house inventing
a new ride for the the newest kid to the orphanage..opps said to much
already...hmmm hope no one heard that hate to ruin the

Ok please don't tell on me, 

I really hope it doesnt get out to many people.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sneak Peek of my Morbidity by Cody

OK, I couldn't wait to post on our new blog.  Here is a sneak peek at my Morbid Curiosity challenge piece. He is taking a bit longer than I thought.  But, I hope to have him finished by weeks end.  I will at that time tell you all how I made this creature.  Have a great one.


Friday, October 8, 2010


It's almost time to end our First Ever Creepy Orphan Society Challenge.  For our First Challenge, we decided on:
Here are some of the Members Finished Pieces:

This is my first Creepy Orphan EVER!!  This is Polly Waugg, the Frog Faced Girl. 
 She is sculpted from Polymer Clay and stands approx. 18 inches.  She has a cloth body and will include real ruby earrings and a gold pendant.

Donna-So Dark So Cute
Finished! Meet the limbless Albino girl.
She's sitting in a wooden chair in a box with velvet fabric.

Mallory and Mainerd....parasitic twins...
                by...christen bills aka morton-n-freinds.blogspot.com

Here is Odd Dolls, Pattee's Creepy Orphan. I absolutely love this little guy.

Meet "Henray Lost." He is a Creepy Orphan waiting for Adoption. However, they keep him locked in his room at the Orphanage because he lost his foot and they hung it on the ceiling so he couldn't get out.
The poor thing...what is a Creepy Orphan to do?
Stay Tuned For More Morbid Curiosities Pieces From Our Members. Our Challenge runs from September/October 31, 2010. 
Click on the Side Bar to see more wonderful, creepy, exciting art work from our Members.
Until Next Time...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

COS-First Challenge - Morbid Curiosities


You can check out the Mütter Museum next time you’re in Center City Philadelphia, on 19 South 22nd Street.

Create your Creepy Orphan Society Art Doll using the theme of Morbid Curiosities.
Your Creepy Orphan should be completed by October 31, 2010