Welcome to the Creepy Orphan Society

This Group is all about creating Creepy Orphans in the form of an Art Doll, Mixed Media or an Art Journal.
Whether it be a head on a bottle, candlestick, air dry clay, polymer clay, skulls, wire armature, or using an old book, etc...this Group is all about having fun with each other, learning, growing, and creating amazing pieces in the forum of Creepy.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Better Late Then Never!

Children in the Attic CHALLENGE...is here.  I have finally taken some pictures of her and she wasn't happy about it. LOL 

I hope you enjoy her...her name is Marti.  She has been living in the attic for many years and has developed a knowledge for reading people.  However, since she has been locked up in the attic, with little or no friends at all, she predicts the future for unseen events, and thus, she tells me...we are heading into some rough times....hmmmmmmm let's see what happens or if her readings are DEAD ON!


  1. She is WONDERFUL Mish! I love her little stripey legs!


  2. Oh, she is so cute! I'm with LuLu, those stripey legs are too cute. :)

  3. i like the eye painting :-) and offcourse the rest of her LOL!

  4. Thanks guys...she was fun to create and let me tell you all...she is actually hanging out upstairs in our attic as I type this...she loves it up there. LOL