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This Group is all about creating Creepy Orphans in the form of an Art Doll, Mixed Media or an Art Journal.
Whether it be a head on a bottle, candlestick, air dry clay, polymer clay, skulls, wire armature, or using an old book, etc...this Group is all about having fun with each other, learning, growing, and creating amazing pieces in the forum of Creepy.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

November/December Challenge-Creepy Orphan Tree

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Well, I know our next challenge isn't due until December 31, 2010...but since my schedule is going to be absolutely nuts, I wanted to make sure I got my challenge piece done. So...Here it is!

The Creepy Orphan Society-Challenge- Creepy Orphan Tree, The Keeper of SOULS by the CROW!

She is a Mixed Media Piece. I used an old cigar box and turn it into her tree. I used air dry clay for the molds of souls hanging on the tree. I sculpted the tree out of floral wire and attached it to the cigar box. The Keeper is made out of an old barbie doll body, floral tape, air dry clay and I hand stitched her Tibetan Lamb Hair into a wig.  Lots of mixed media techniques created the inside of the cigar box. 
Until Next Time...


  1. Great work Mish...I love her!!


  2. Love her....so many great details and she seems so 'alive'. Love!!

  3. Mish she is FANTASTIC!!!!!!
    I love the tree and the ornaments!

    I've got to get my butt in gear and start creating!

  4. Wow...the keeper of souls is super awesome...you do such amazing work...very inspiring...hugs...christen

  5. Thanks Christen...I know you have been working on yours...you can post some WIPs if you aren't done. I know you and I started this challenge early...LOL I'm looking forward to our First Challenge in January 2011...Children in the Attic! I have actually started my COS for this Challenge.
    Have a great Sunday!