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This Group is all about creating Creepy Orphans in the form of an Art Doll, Mixed Media or an Art Journal.
Whether it be a head on a bottle, candlestick, air dry clay, polymer clay, skulls, wire armature, or using an old book, etc...this Group is all about having fun with each other, learning, growing, and creating amazing pieces in the forum of Creepy.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Here's My October Challenge

Hi There Creepy Orphans, I wanted to share my newly finished Morbid Curiosity challenge.  He is the Great horned Boney Bird.  He's a scavenger that collects bones to make very curious shrines.  He is a poly clay head and hands on a wire and wood armature.  I used batting and fabric strips to build up his body.  Then I covered that with a black decorative paper.  He was then adorned with some black netting and pink faux fur to complete his creepy look.

This is the full figure.  I used a fantail willow branch for his tail.

Here is a closer view of his upper body.  Thanks for this unusual challenge.  It took me quite some time to actually come up with this guy.  I am just not used to thinking in a creepy mode.  Until next time.

Cody Goodin


  1. Very cool....and very creepy! Love him!!

  2. Cody, what a totally cool and creepy orphan. Love it! He has a story to tell...hmmmm what is his secret?

  3. Very cool!! It has got Cody all over it!!

  4. Thanks Kim, Michelle and MarZel he was fun to make for sure. Yes, he has a story. Not sure it's a good one though.

  5. He's very cool and creepy. He looks like a fossilized bird from another world. :) Pam